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Digital illustration

Created using Procreate for iPad


Bringing ideas to life through a variety of media

My work is heavily inspired by nature: animals, plants, and natural landscapes. I'm interested in the intersection of organic and man-made forms and much of my illustration work explores the relationships between mankind, its mythology, and nature. Most of my work includes animals or mythical creatures and I strive to tell stories through them with a whimsical and playful approach.  My overall goal as an artist is to instill a sense of wonder towards the natural world  and encourage the viewer to appreciate and preserve it for future generations.


I work in a variety of media including ink and watercolor, gouache, acrylics, and digital painting. Below is a combination of commissioned work, as well as some personal passion projects.

Traditional illustration

Created using ink, watercolor, and gouache.


A variety of quick sketches from my day-to-day sketchbook

Thursday night #sketching #drawing #art
Enjoying some downtime in Florida. Satur
Sunday night #sketching #penandink #elep
Starting off the new year right with som
Got a little bit further on this WIP tod
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